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Before Sleep Comes - Reviewed by a sleepy Alice Farrell in New York

Sometimes adversity brings out brilliance in artists and that is definitely true with the latest offering from Irish singer/songwriter Luka Bloom “Before Sleep Comes”. Recovering from a bout of tendonitis earlier this year, Luka has discovered a soft and beautiful style of playing that brings a gentleness to the music on this CD that will delight and relax the listener.

There is a selection of songs on this 9 song EP ranging from the traditional “My Singing Bird”, “She Moved Through the Fair” “Nora” and “The Water is Wide” to new original songs “Before Sleep Comes”, “Camomile”, “Be Still Now” and “She Sings Her Songs With Open Eyes”.

Singing in a whispery style that draws the listener in, Luka weaves the way to dreamland with images of love, beauty, water and nature. The intoxicating quality of “Camomile” carrying cares away and urging the listener towards sleep.

There are never enough albums that one can use as a backdrop for relaxation, that don’t smack of mass-produced new ageiness, and luckily this one does not follow that track at all.

The crisp guitar work, combined with the seamless inclusion of sounds of nature brings a beauty and serenity to the CD, which mirrors the maturity of both Luka’s playing and songwriting after many years of experience.

So go out and buy this CD, draw a long hot bath, pour yourself a cup of herbal tea and float away on the words an music to the Land of Nod.


To Buy this new musical treasure go to Luka's Merchanise Page

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