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Luka Bloom – Innocence - By Alice Farrell in New York

The first lights of Spring and images of white lilies blowing in the breeze and children walking on a windswept beach are all the images of innocence that Luka Bloom has conjured up in this tranquilly brilliant new release which just made it's way onto the shelves of stores in parts of Europe this week and has been available in Ireland for two months now.

As always, Luka weaves tales and tunes together, with the flavors of traditional music, Middle Eastern and eastern influences all blending to bring the beautiful images of his words to life. His playing echoes with the classical Spanish guitar flavored licks and florid ornamentation that he has honed so well over the years. He has truly evolved into an incredibly gifted guitarist with a flair and flavor to his playing that sets him alone.

Another rich and supple voice added to this record is the deliciously crisp soprano saxophone of renowned Irish player and composer Kenneth Edge whose distinctive style many will be familiar with from his work with “Riverdance.” The addition of Kenneth's rich and soulful sounds adds a delightful touch and many a haunting moment throughout the record.

It's so hard for me to single out a favorite song on any Luka CD, but I would have to say my heart and soul are the most touched by "Thank You for Bringing Me Here" and " No Matter Where You Go, There You Are ". The former being a wonderful story of a girl walking along a strand of Clare beach and thanking her parents for bringing her to this place, with the glorious simplicity and beauty that Luka is so good at finding a way to communicate.

" No Matter Where You Go, There You Are " is a turning and twisting backbeat driven tale of a transplant middle eastern musician, who has become enthralled with and now ensconced in the Irish musical tradition, yet retaining his own style and cultural reference that enriches his own experience. Mohamad Bouhanna 's backing of tabla drums combined with the forceful Middle Eastern flavored chords of Luka's guitar echo with the winds of Galway Bay blowing the spices of Northern Africa along with the music.

He's also included his first recorded version of his song “City of Chicago ” , made famous by that elder-statesman brother of his, in a softer and slower treatment that is a delight. The whole record is a fresh breath of spring sunshine to waft its way onto your CD player and surely into your heart.

The stateside release of the CD is still being worked out, but until then you can get a copy through Luka's website at http://www.lukabloom.com/shop/index.php and check out his current tour schedule for Ireland and Europe at http://www.lukabloom.com/gigs_news/live_dates.php



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