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Alice Farrell heads out once again to Satalla to hear Maura O'Connell break a few hearts.
Maura O'ConnellLast week found me yet again in the psychedelic cavern of Satalla in New York for more incendiary vocals from a saucy Irish songstress. Although this time it was to be with a bit more down home cookin' thrown in with the Nashville based balladeer Maura O'Connell. It had been about 10 years since the last time I heard her perform and I was eagerly awaiting the latest she has to offer. I purposely have not yet read my colleague John Cutliffe's review of the album, so that I would be unswayed in my interpretation of her performance, but I don't think anything could sway me from the total enjoyment experienced that evening.

She came on with a rousing rendition of To Be the One by Paul Brady from her album Blue is the Color of Hope which got the evening off to a rocking start with a wonderful bass line that set the whole room swaying, and then followed it up with the Patty Griffin song I Wonder, from her album Walls and Windows .

Her band was one of the rocking-est bands I've heard in a folk venue for some time and comprised of seasoned Nashville veterans, including Dave Francis and Bruce Wallace on guitars and vocals, John Mock on percussion, and Don Johnson on bass. They all brought great color to her classic songs and the tunes from the album, especially with wonderful tight harmonies that complimented the richness of Maura's voice beautifully.

The show featured a good deal of material from her new album Don't I Know including Trip Around the Sun, There's No Good Day for Dying, Phoenix Falling, Didn't I, and my personal favorite Hold On.

Drawing from her back catalog of hits, she gave a stirring twist to the wonderfully rhythmic Summerfly, a hauntingly beautiful Down By the Sally Gardens, and Western Highway, and finished up with the bluesy Blessing. And what Maura show would be complete without the tear-jerking Nanci Griffith song Trouble in the Fields, which had the whole crowd clamoring for more.

After having been away from her talents for so long, it's great to see the new color and warmth that the Nashville sound has brought to her music, keeping it rambling along and exploring new roads that have made it richer and stronger at every turn. Her ease onstage and warmth towards her audience are palpable and make her audience a blank canvas on which she pores rich emotion and pathos from her soul into each and everyone to take on home with them. It's like sitting down in a favorite aunt's kitchen for a piece of her fabulous homemade pie and a great chat. Warm, wonderful, and still rockin' after all these years. Keep on going girl, and come back to New York soon!

For more on Maura visit her lovely website at

http://www.mauraoconnell.com or for more great titles from Sugar Hill go to


(Editors Note - Check out that review of mine that Alice avoided reading by clicking HERE )

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