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Guest Book is no more

John RenbournSadly these days the spammers are waging a battle to take over the world and guest books are falling victim to increasing spam attacks. In the past 6 months my guest book has been filled with ads for Viagra and other offers to enhance my manly well being. As you can see from the picture, I may well be in need of some of those products but I will choose when and where I might find them. So I have decided to remove the guest book for the foreseeable future. I don't have time to troll through my own guestbook every day in an endless battle to stop those idiots stealing space on my site to steal money from my readers.
For those lovely people who came into the guestbook to leave genuine good wishes and found themselves in a tide of ridiculous ads for bogus products and services you would be a fool to spend money on, I apologize.

I have nothing to say to the spammers except that you have lost this one. I have taken away your free ride and I know that the people who care about the music and about this site will find ways to let me know they are out there.

Good night and sleep well.


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