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Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh (C) John Cutliffe 2004

Altan Tour Ends in Style
Here I am back in good old Atlanta having spent three weeks in the company of some of my favorite musicians and people in the world. The tour was a great success overall. For the band it was fun and drama free, for me it was a great working vacation with family, for the audiences it seems to have been a joy to the ears and to reviewers all over the country it was something to write good things about. If you want to read back through my tour log and see what it was like to travel with Ireland's finest traditional band, then just click below.

PLUS! Full tour picture album coming soon

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Darrell Scott (C) John Cutliffe 2004

Darrell Scott hits the high note at Springfest
It was the perfect way to kick off festival season. The weather was great with temperatures in the 80s. The welcome was as warm as ever from Beth, Randy, Kathy Lee and all the team and the music was just magical.
Over three days we enjoyed great music in this beautiful setting on the banks of the Suwannee River with appearances by Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Vassar Clements, The Duhks, Darrell Scott and Jim Lauderdale among others. This week in part one, we have a look at the events on Friday with part two coming next week. More

Kevin Crawford (C) Alice Farrell 2004

Lunasa - Live in New York
Once again we set Alice Farrell free from the shackles of her day job and out into the cold March winds to check out Lunasa who were playing their second Big Apple show in less than a week. This amazing band features some of the finest traditional music players in the world and are renowned for their live shows.
With a new album out on Compass Records here in the U.S., it seems the band were on a high and left our poor Alice gasping for more. Check out Alice's review of the show and come back again soon to check out her review of the latest album.

Merlefest Live 2003

Playing Catchup with new albums
I go out of town for a few weeks and when I return my apartment is filled with albums all ready and eager to get reviewed on JigTime. In the true spirit of our site I felt it only right that I should do nothing for the next week except listen to great music and then tell you which ones I think you will enjoy most. Coming soon we will have album reviews from both sides of the Atlantic from the likes of Sam Bush and Lunasa. For now though, with Merlefest less than a month away I think I should guide you towards two titles that I think are important to all fans of great music Click Here

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The Altan Tour Log - All Done and Dusted Kevin Doherty (C) Paddy McGlinchy 2003

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